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Bruce Robertson

We are Bruce Robertson, a Jamaican-born, Newfoundland-raised, Calgary-based artist. Bruce has embraced drawing all his life. He is a graduate of NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design). He enjoys the creative process, be it tactile or digital. He is an artist at heart, and a designer. Best put -- he is a creative.

Sole Employee
Sole Employee


Time slows down. Sounds, other than music perhaps, seem practically nonexistent. What does exist is a pure concentration. It is otherworldly. It's free. It is special, and it's mine. That is a flowery attempt to describe what it is like when I'm making stuff. When a task is considered play -- it then begets hyper-focus.

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Make It Fun

"If someone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?" Of course I would; dumb stuff is fun. And besides, if someone has to set a bad example, it may as well be me. Riding bicycles like a silly person has been a lifelong passion that has always competed for my time. Still, methinks it's good to have more than one passion. Rule number one -- make it fun.

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